vendredi 19 octobre 2007

Art as Everydayness

I know I haven't posted in awhile, but I trust you understand the way time gets away from a person writing fulltime. The last two weeks have been extremely prolific. I have written poems and have almost reached the forty page mark on my novel. Linda has come and gone, bringing with her a respite and passion that is refreshing and sorely missed now that I am here alone with my creation and hermitude.

Acadian culture still swirls about me. My traveling poem sequence will now follow a reverse of Evangeline, whereas the narrator ends not in the Acadie Tropical of Louisiana, but in the Acadian homeland, more alone than ever with history contrasting with his newfound solitude. Then I will tackle the contes populaire.

I have seen a production of Don Juan, staged by Atlantic Ballet Company, with Linda and Frank, le Garçon Boucher, an adaptation of Francis McCabe's The Butcher Boy. Here, there is modern theatre with all its hysterics, surreality, and comedy. It is new art, being produced regularly by locals.

I will have something more theoretical to state later. I've been in such a rush to write everything down that there is little left for exegesis.

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