mardi 29 avril 2008

Frye Jam

As promised, here are some videos from Saturday night's reading.

This first one is of me performing "Offshore."

This second video is two poems: "Canto Incorruptible" (performed in French) and "New Orleans" (which is the final show-stopper, in English, and begins at about 2:19).

Both videos were shot by Lee Thompson.

3 commentaires:

Eric Shonkwiler a dit…

*claps* A perfect stank to it. Perfect heavy air.

captain captain a dit…

cajana poet rock star laureate at work spreading the good news of oilfield work. i'm jealous and bowing.

Eric Shonkwiler a dit…

What has happened to my favorite Cajun poet? Nay, what has happened to my favorite poet of any acquaintance?